quarta-feira, maio 9

Misc 80's

Sarah I. Corder
Little Moo paperdoll stickers
Study Plate 5
Suggestive Signs
Electrician & Mechanic
Home Arts Needlecraft
Fireside Industries
Book Rack and End Table
Instruction and Information Units for Hand Woodworking
Valuable information - a side
Valuable information - b side
Bromo-Seltzer memo book
Varidex Filing System
Technique of Telephoning
A Direct Alphabetical File
Visible Index and Loose-leaf Systems
How designs are developed
Drop cap - D
Dear Cadillac Dealer
Vintage gift wrap - dogwood branches
Iced tea
Fall harvest veggies
Fruit basket
Sign of a good cook
Vintage gift wrap - happy wishes
Vintage giftwrap - birthday cakes
Vintage giftwrap - milk glass
Vintage gift wrap - wedding bells
Vintage label - Pence Spring Water
Vintage gift wrap - baby gear
Vintage gift wrap - clothespins
Vintage gift wrap - storks
Hi Mister! wrapping paper
Christmas - New Year's card
E-Z Hair Removing Glove
E-Z Hair Removing Glove - b side
My Mother
Christmas gift wrappers
Foot Posture & Exercise Chart
Eagle Mikado - blotter
Hello Brother!
A Christmas Wish
Children can learn to recognize the common trees ...
Popsicle Space Cards
Vintage papercut
Practical Drawing
Band-Aid Sheer Spot
We Clean Everything Except Your Conscience
The Ideal Way

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