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vintage illustration - fashion – um álbum no Flickr

vintage illustration - fashion – um álbum no Flickr: "

French Ideas Translated into Gowns for the American Girl
Advanced in Appearance
New Styles and New Textiles in Wise Combination
McCall's Magazine Spring Fashions
McCall Patterns
Needlecraft - 'smart frocks'
Slip-Over Apron
Woman's World magazine
Learning to Crochet
Holeproof Hosiery
Summer frocks
Junior Modes for Summer
Chic for the Growing Girl
Newest School Clothes Are Simply Designed
Gay Disguises for Hallowe'en Revelers pt.1
Gay Disguises for Hallowe'en Revelers pt.2
McCall Style News February 1935
Dainty Simplicity
We are waiting for you in Florida
McCall's Magazine
Cover art
Woman's World May 1921
Combining Unbleached Muslin with Cretonne and Gingham
Unbleached muslin blouse detail
Unbleached muslin - apron detail
Woman's World Color Complexion Chart
Woman's World Book of Fashions
The Hat and Bonnet for the Woman of Sixty
The Autumn Flower Toque
American Hats for American Women
The Afternoon Hat
The Classroom and Dress-Up Waist
The Slip-On-Easy Dress
Montgomery Wards 1939 Catalog
The American College Girl's Clothes
Holeproof hosiery

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